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justice for jennifer

You watched our collaboration with CBS on the 48 Hours episode "Murder on Red River."  

But now you have even more questions. 

"Justice for Jennifer" the docu-series will have the answers. 

Rewards work and the cold case is now Hot!

Stay tuned!

Lock Stock Culture Shock Season 1 Promo


Reality, Documentary, and Scripted Programs for US and Foreign.

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Trailer

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Filmmakers Barry "Bazz" Wernick and Michael "Mikey" Barnett of TWOBAR Entertainment provide television production, movie production, and commercial services.

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Whether you are looking for development, production, or distribution of a brand or property, we have the creative, business, and legal acumen to get the job done. We are a full service development, production, and distribution company offering services to individuals and companies. Bring us your ideas for television, movies, industrials, commercials, and more.

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